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Apple TV (4th generation) Review


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I recently purchased an Apple TV 4 and its been a great device so far for me as a cord cutter and movie watcher. I did not purchase the Apple TV 4K because I don’t have a 4k TV and not much content is in 4K at the current moment. I have my Xbox in the living room so I could always use that device in the future for 4K content.

I must first say I have a Chromecast, Xbox, Mibox (Android TV) and a Roku. None of these devices video quality is as good as Apple TV I am not sure why but the movies I get off of iTunes just look amazing compared to the videos I watch on Play Store or off Microsoft Store.

I really like the interface it reminds me of iOS and has support for almost every app I have looked for and wanted to use on the Apple TV. I love the Apple Music integration its works great and seamlessly but that is to be expected on Apple TV since its Apples platform. Even on Android TV, the integration with Google Music and YouTube Music is amazing. I would expect that tight integration from a company making the apps for their own platform.

Just like everything Apple does the design and hardware quality is great and the device works on both WiFi and Ethernet. The remote feels very high quality and well made looking similar to an iPod Nano. I like how you charge the remote and don’t have to buy batteries for it that makes me very happy as I like rechargeable devices as they save money and the environment.

Just like everything Apple, TVos includes Spotlight, Siri, App Store, Apple Music, Podcast App, and other Apple apps just like iOS and MacOS. I will say I do like the iPhone and Mac screen mirroring I have used it a few times for client presentations and it worked seamlessly.

There are two things I don’t like about the Apple TV. To start with I did not like the fact that the device does not come with an HDMI cable I mean to me that is just Apple being cheap. At $149 dollars for the HD model and $179 for the 4K model they could through in a few dollar HDMI cable. The box should at least have the wording on it saying “HDMI Cable Not Included”.

The other thing I am not thrilled about is the remote. I know Apple has the remote for the Apple TV setup so you can use it as a mouse but a simple button setup would be much better I think personally. I find myself clicking on things I don’t want or my cat brushes up against it and it pauses the movie I was watching. I just think the remote for the Apple TV needs some work Apple needs to understand sometimes simpler is better in some cases.

Overall I think this is a great device on par with Roku or Android TV. I would say if you are not locked into the Apple echo system I am not sure its the right purchase for you and there are cheaper options like Roku or Amazon Fire but a great device I like it very much.

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