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Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 Review

surface laptop 2

I recently purchased a Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 to replace the aging HP that I have been using to test and work on Windows 10. Microsoft has been pushing the Microsoft Surface brand for many years now and has become one of the top five computer manufacturers in the world by selling only premium Microsoft Surface laptops and tablets to consumers.

I really like the Surface Laptop 2 as it’s a big improvement over my Surface Pro 3 and my HP laptop for one the screen is better with the 2256 x 1504 (201ppi) this is a huge jump for me over my HP. I find the display very sharp and the fact that its touchscreen does make me favor it over my MacBook Pro for reading.

I got the Intel i7 which is a great processor and I am guessing that Microsoft will release the Surface Laptop 3 or make an upgrade to the Surface Laptop 2 to allow the Intel i9 as Apple did recently. I was surprised as well that I cannot add more than 16 gigs of ram to this computer there is no option on the Microsoft Site I am again guessing that may be an option for the next model.

I did get 512 Solid State Drive to make sure I had enough storage I thought the 1 TB might be overkill and decided to save a little money considering the 1 TB drive added another $500 dollars to the already $2,000 purchase.

I did order my Surface Laptop 2 with Window 10 Pro you can order it with Windows 10 Home and save a few dollars on the cost I would rather pro personally. I like how the front-facing camera is 720p Windows Hello facial authentication since I plan on using Windows Hello as part of my daily routine. There is no rear-facing camera like on a Microsoft Surface Pro but I think again that might come with the next-generation Surface Laptop.

The ports are slim pickings one USB 3.0 port, one Mini DisplayPort, one headset jack, and a Surface Connect port. I wish I had more USB ports or firewire ports I carry around a USB hub with me when I need it. I went with a Bluetooth mouse that has helped free up the USB Port more than before.

The keyboard is a Full-sized, backlit, soft-touch keyboard like the MacBook has and I love writing on it so much it’s smooth and feels great. This really is the preface set up for a keyboard I can say “Microsoft you did it right on the keyboard.”

The battery life is amazing at about 14 hours of use that is amazing battery life and considering how light this laptop is at just under 3 pounds that is awesome on Microsoft’s part.

Overall I really like the device and I really like what Microsoft has done with the hardware. This is defiantly a great replacement for my HP and I would recommend this for anyone needing a good laptop. The only downside I would say would be the price. If you want to go high end on everything you will spend about $2,500 dollars on the low end about $1,100 dollars. Depending on your budget and needs you can adjust the price on Microsoft website by picking different options. No matter what options you pick I still think it’s a great laptop with good hardware.

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