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Solo Pro Beats By Dre Review

I wanted to review the Solo Pro Beats By Dre since I was a huge fan of the company and I wanted to hear what they were like.

New Apple Chip

Someone like me who knows the Beats brand well can tell you the noise cancelling is much better than on the Solo Pros than on the Beats Solo 3 and the Beats Studio 3. Apple upgrading this model from the W1 chip to the H1 chip really made the sound quality better and helped with the noise cancellation.

Build Quality

The build quality is much better on these they feel premium with hard plastic and metal build they have a great look and feel to them. They just feel very well made.


Battery life is great as well with 22 hours with noise cancelling on. I am very happy that Apple upgraded these to the lighting cable rather than keeping them using the micro USB. This gives them a more modern feel and if you are an iPhone user like me it’s one less cable to carry.

Listening Mode

Apple added another key feature that many people like me like from the Apple Airpods. Apple added transparency mode. Unlike other Beats, you can use Noise Cancelling or transparency mode to listen to your surroundings.

Power Button

Another cool feature I really like is that there is no power button you just need to open your Beats from the close position and put them on your head and they turn on. To turn them off just take them off your head and fold them back up again.


The only thing I did not like about these headphones where they felt a little small to me on my head. I think they are meant to be tight to give you a good strong seal for noise cancellation but it was so tight it was hurting my head and giving me a headache.


I think if you are torn between the Solo Pro and the Studio3 Wireless I would say go with the Solo Pro model. It has a log of newer features like the new H1 chip, lightning charging and is well made plus they are fifty dollars cheaper.

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