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Wyze Smartwatch Review

The Wyze smartwatch released early this month and after some testing, I am pretty confident in the device going forward. To start with the device is only $19.99. Making it much less of an investment of something like say an Apple watch or high-end Fitbit.

Battery Life

I love the fact that this device is not like my Apple watch when it comes to battery life. To start with I can wear it for over a week without needing to charge which for me is a huge deal. I hate having to everyday charge my Apple watch which takes away from me wearing it at night when I sleep. Unless I want to track my sleep I charge it during the day in that case I lose steps.

Oximeter monitoring

I love the Oximeter monitoring knowing your O2 level is very important. I know the Apple watch does this as well but this function is on the new watch and I do not have that one yet. For $25 dollars you can get O2 monitoring.

Watch Band and Screen Size

Just like the Apple watch the Wyze watch has changeable bands not as many as Apple but an assortment of about five colors. The screen size is available in both 44 and 47 mm and is very thin and light on your wrist.

Menstrual Health Tracking

I am a guy so this is something I do not really think about it but my wife and all of her friends have told me how much they like this feature and how handy it is for a woman.

Steps and Heart Rate

Just like every other smartwatch the Wyze Smart Watch tracks your steps and heart rate.


The Wyze Smart Watch has an IP68 Weatherproof rating or is waterproof for two meters.

Wyze Ecosystem

For me, this is one of the biggest features I love how with the Wyze watch you can control all your Wyze smartphone stuff right from your wrist this is so great and a huge selling point for anyone who has money invested in Wyze hardware.

I think this watch is a great device and is a lot of value for $19.99 I would recommend it to anyone who wants a cheap affordable fitness tracker.

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