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Nest Protect Product Review

We recently invested in Nest Protect alarms for our home. The Nest Protect is a fire and carbon dioxide detector all in one. My wife and I have a vintage home and we have always been a fan of the smoke alarm systems that are wired together so if one alarm goes off, they all go off to help alert the entire household. If you have just one or two detectors in a home and they are not wired together you may not hear the one downstairs the Nest Protect solves this issue.

Just like Sono’s speakers the Nest Protect creates its own little network so if one goes off, they all go off and if for some reason your internet goes down, they can still trigger all the devices. Since they are wireless there is no need to run wiring. Nest Protect does have a wired version and if we were remodeling or building a new home from scratch, I would do those so this way I do not have to worry about replacing the batteries on the Nest Protect every few years. The hardwire ones still do have a battery backup in the event of a power outage.

I do like how when the internet or router goes down the Nest Protect tells me it’s offline but still monitoring. Nest Protect has some other interesting features like Heads-Up that lets you know if C02 levels are rising above where they normally are built are still safe, path light where when it detects motion it can turn on the protect light at the bottom you can crank the brightness up or down on the app. If you have one in the bathroom it does a steam check to not go off by accident.

The Nest Protects just like all their other products work with Amazon Alexa, Google Now, and Apple Home Kit. Google does make you log in or create a Google account to set these up that would be only negative for these but besides that they are great. I did invite my wife to the family group so she can get the alerts on her phone if there are fire and C02 and we are not home.

While this is a great product the price is steep at $119 for one $238 for two packs and 357 for three-pack and 476 for a four-pack. I went with the two-pack one for upstairs and one for downstairs.

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