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Meta Ray-Bans Sunglasses Review

The new Meta Ray-Bans glasses have been released and they are some of the best sunglasses I have ever owned. Meta(Facebook) and Ray-Ban have partnered again to release another version of glasses and they are amazing. Hardware The Meta Ray-Bans come in clear glass, transitions, and regular sunglasses. While all three have the same functionality […]

GameLoop Emulator for Android Games On Windows

GameLoop is an emulator that allows PC users to play Android mobile games and apps on a Windows computer. This software and I got introduced a few months ago when I started playing Call of Duty Mobile on my iPad. My iPad is a new iPad Air and I love it, but I really like […]

3 Browser Extensions to Keep You Safe Online

Third-party browser extensions and plugins are the future of the web browser and there are a few I recommend you use to help keep you safe when you are browsing the internet on your computer and at times even on your smartphone and tablet. AdBlock and AdBlock Plus AdBlock is a content filtering and ad-blocking […]

Fix For Error Security settings do not allow external startup disk on Mac

If you are trying to reinstall macOS or trying to boot off an external hard drive on Mac for any reason and get the error “Security settings do not allow external startup disk on Mac” there is a way to fix this going forward. To start with this is a security feature to protect your […]

Migrating to BitWarden From LastPass For Password Management

Why I am leaving LastPass for another password manager? I have recommended LastPass for years as a password manager after their last few cyberattacks, their handling of the attacks, and the way they have handled password storage and security I cannot recommend them. I myself have decided to all my passwords to BitWarden. How BitWarden […]

Prevent A Windows 11 Install (Never 11)

There is an easy way to block Windows 11 from being offered to your PC. Microsoft introduced a new TargetReleaseVersion specification in Windows 10 1803, which allows you to set which version of Windows 10 you would like your OS to upgrade to or remain at. To prevent the Windows 11 from being offered to […]

How To Bring Back Full Context Menus In Windows 11

If you are like me you miss full context menus as we had in Windows 10 and earlier. I find Microsoft’s new right-click menu in Windows 11 incredibly inefficient. Do you want a full context menu back for your workflow? Download and run the registry key below and reboot your machine to have them back.

Nest Protect Product Review

We recently invested in Nest Protect alarms for our home. The Nest Protect is a fire and carbon dioxide detector all in one. My wife and I have a vintage home and we have always been a fan of the smoke alarm systems that are wired together so if one alarm goes off, they all […]

Wyze Smartwatch Review

The Wyze smartwatch released early this month and after some testing, I am pretty confident in the device going forward. To start with the device is only $19.99. Making it much less of an investment of something like say an Apple watch or high-end Fitbit. Battery Life I love the fact that this device is […]

Dell XPS 15 9500 Laptop Review

I recently got a Dell XPS 15 9500 for work and have come to really enjoy it. I have been a MacBook Pro guy for years but I needed a windows machine and felt that this was the right fit for me. I have read a lot of great reviews on this laptop and I […]

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