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Google Stadia Premiere Review

Recently YouTube decided to give away a free Google Stadia Premiere Edition to YouTube Premium subscribers. Since I am a YouTube Premium subscriber, I got one and have started to game and have found a new hobby. In the Box When the Google Stadia Premiere Edition arrived, there were two devices in the box the Google Chromecast […]

Beats by Dre Studio 3 Headphones Review

I recently got a pair of Beats by Dre Studio 3 wireless headphones and it must be said they are amazing. The sound quality is great, and the noise canceling makes listening to music in a noisy area smooth and seamless. I was not a fan of Beats for the longest time feeling it was […]

Chromecast With Google TV Review

The Chromecast With Google TV is the next evolution of the Chromecast Ultra with a remote and better interface. The Chromecast has always been a device to bring content from your phone to the TV but now with a remote and Android interface, you don’t need to have your phone to watch content. Hardware The […]

Solo Pro Beats By Dre Review

I wanted to review the Solo Pro Beats By Dre since I was a huge fan of the company and I wanted to hear what they were like. New Apple Chip Someone like me who knows the Beats brand well can tell you the noise cancelling is much better than on the Solo Pros than […]

Surface Headphones 2 Review

I recently got a pair of Surface Headphones 2 and I was disappointed by them. To start with the build quality feels quality made and premium. They look amazing with an amazing presentation right out of the box in quality made box and case. Style The ear cups go either direction to make the storage […]

Powerbeats Pro By Dre Review

The Powerbeats Pro By Dre are the first pair of non-over-ear headphones I have tried from Beats By Dre and I was impressed but not thrilled for the price point of $249.95. The Fit To start with the fit I have no complaints about the earphones hook over the ear and give me a nice […]

Sony wh-1000xm4 Review

The Sony wh-1000xm4 are an amazing headphone. I hands down can say they have had the best noise-canceling features I have seen of any headphones I have tried and for those of you that read the site you know I review a lot of headphones. To start with the noise cancellation is amazing I walked […]

Microsoft Surface Duo Review

I was so waiting for the Microsoft Surface Duo. This would be Microsoft’s first attempt and a Surface-branded phone while I really like the device it has its issue. Battery Life The Microsoft Surface Duo comes with a 3577mAh battery and while this is good to power one screen using a dual-screen device is just […]

Surface Laptop 3 Review

I recently got a Surface Laptop 3 for review and I was very impressed with it, to say the least. I do think this is the best and most premium laptop on the windows side I have seen. I want to explain as well I got the business one with Intel, not the consumer AMD […]

Microsoft Surface Earbuds Review

The Microsoft Surface Earbuds released on May 12th and the reviews have been mixed, to say the least. I have had a chance to review them and give my honest feelings for the product. Sound Quality I do feel the sound quality on the Surface Earbuds is good it’s on par with a pair of earbuds. […]

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