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IP Camera Systems

IP Camera Systems 

IP camera systems offer affordable easy to manage video surveillance for all security purposes.  But did you know a camera system can also help improve productivity!  There are a lot of benefits of IP camera systems for your business and home. 

Enhance Physical Security – An IP camera makes it easy and inexpensive to monitor office, hallway, back door, or other locations, from anywhere in the world.  This helps ensure the physical safety of employees and family. 

Protect Valuable Assets – An IP camera also helps protect inventories and other valuable business assets, such as data, from theft.  Your home is assets why not watch it from work or protect your summer home with monitoring. 

Boost Productivity – IP cameras can also help businesses improve productivity, allowing employees to focus on tasks while also monitoring the reception desk, lobby, shop floor, cash register or warehouse.  Not having to station someone at the front desk at all times helps the improve productivity, patient care and ensure security. 

With all the features to consider when shopping for a video camera surveillance system pan, tilt, and optical zoom and TiVo.  Let All American Computer Repair help you make a decision on buying individual cameras or inexpensive bundle packages. 

We can help you cut down on wiring cost with Power Over Ethernet (POE) cameras.  POE provides power to the camera and connects it to your network all in one Ethernet cable. POE lets you install a camera where it is needed most rather than where it is closest to an electrical outlet.  Wireless Cameras give you access to view if you need to install cameras in remote areas. 

Some other features include: 

  • Automatic alerts, including video clips or still images, sent whenever motion is detected on the premises. 
  • The ability to view live video feeds from any Internet-connected PC or mobile phone. 
  • The ability to integrate alarms, door sensors, motion detectors, and other security systems. 
  • Support for low- and no-light environments. 
  • An embedded microphone and speaker for two-way audio. 
  • Easy-to-operate user interface, for simplified access to captured videos and stills. 
  • Surveillance and management software. 

Let All American Computer Repair assist you with all your camera and video surveillance needs. 


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