Wireless Networking 

Do you have multiple computers and other devices at home? 

Do you want to share files between them? 

Want to surf the web on your laptop or tablet? 

Do you want to print wirelessly? 

With a wireless network, we can set up your computer to share files between each of them and even enable you to print to a printer in another room. 

We use only the best quality equipment.  We install wireless to be secure, reliable and scalable.  We specialize in Linksys and Cisco products but are equipped to handle any and all vendors.  We can help you install Routers, Switches, Firewalls and Access Points that are designed to fit your needs and are designed to keep you safe as you browse the internet. 

If you have wireless in place already but are having problems our skilled technicians can troubleshoot the issue and get it resolved in a timely fashion. 

We can assist you with all your wireless needs. 

  • Wireless Network Setup Options 
  • Wireless Access Point Installation 
  • Wireless Network Adapter Installation 
  • TCP/IP Configuration 
  • Ad-Hoc Configuration 
  • Internet Connection Configuration 
  • Software Installation & Configuration 
  • Wireless Signal Booster Installation 
  • WAN and LAN Configurations 
  • 802.11n Support 
  • Encryption & Security Setup 
  • Performance Boost 

Networking Services 

Whether you have a single site Local Area Network (LAN) or a Wide Area Network (WAN) network All American Computer Repair is dedicated to providing resiliency, fault tolerance, and flexibility for future expansion. 

All American Computer Repair can assist you in home, small or medium business network support.  We work with all the local Internet Service Providers (ISP) so we are very familiar with their networks.  We work with hosting providers and nationwide vendors to get you the best support and solutions possible for your business needs. 

  • Network Configuration & Installation 
  • Network Switch Installation & Management 
  • Network Router Setup & Support 
  • Wireless Networking Installation & Management 
  • Firewall Configuration 
  • WAN Installation & Configuration 
  • T1 / DSL / Cable Installation & Configuration 
  • VPN Setup & Support 
  • Remote Application Solutions 


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