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How To Get A Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 With An Intel

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I recently looked at possibly getting a Surface Laptop 3 to use for my business but when I started looking at Surface Laptop 3 computers I noticed a few things on Microsofts Site. After some research here is what I found when it comes to buying a Surface Laptop 3.

When I first went to order the new laptop I noticed to start with that only the 13-inch model Surface Laptop comes with Intel processors. The 15-inch models come with AMD and from what I have read the AMD 15 inch Surface Laptop 3 is very underwhelming, does not perform well, and is not worth the price. But I know for a fact I have seen Surface Laptop 3 computers with Intel processors in the 15-inch line.

After a little searching, I found the answer if you click on Microsoft Surface for the business section you can get the 15-inch Surface Laptop with the Intel processor. The Intel-based Surface Laptop is only available in the business line of Surface Laptop 3 computers, not the consumer line which I find to be a little sneaky.

Basically, Microsoft has no problem selling an under-powered computer to home users but they want to protect their business class customers. Since most business class consumers will not bother to look under the business section they will pay the same amount for a lesser machine.

If you want to get a Surface Laptop I recommend getting the 13-inch model with the Intel or going into the business section and getting the 15 inch Intel. I would advise spending the extra few hundred dollars on the warranty as these machines are not really user-serviceable.

When it comes to the warranty be careful what you buy not all the warranties come with accidental coverage read the little paragraph under each warranty option. Not to mention the business class Surface machine come with a much better warranty than the home grade 13 inch. If you want the best warranty buy the 13-inch surface under the business section.

Despite a few issues on their site Microsoft does make great machines that are worth the money. I really like surface hardware they look and feel like premium machines more so than anything in the premium business class space.

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