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GameLoop Emulator for Android Games On Windows

GameLoop is an emulator that allows PC users to play Android mobile games and apps on a Windows computer. This software and I got introduced a few months ago when I started playing Call of Duty Mobile on my iPad.

My iPad is a new iPad Air and I love it, but I really like my 42-inch 4k monitor in my office that I like to you when I am gaming or working. To start with Call of Duty and Call of Duty Mobile are two different games even though they are both made by Activision.

After a few Google searches, I found GameLoop which allows you to emulate Android games and apps on a Windows PC which would allow me to use my favorite setup keyboard and mouse plus since I am using my PC it would allow me to stream on my Twitch channel.


The installation of GameLoop was straightforward forward just a .exe install just like any normal Windows program then your search for the game you want, and it downloads it and installs with zero effort.


GameLoop is the office emulator of PUBG mobile which from what I read runs great since GameLoop optimized its emulator for PUBG. But there is much work to be done on Call of Duty Mobile. I found that while the emulator runs great on my system, I am running a high-end Dell XPS 9500 gaming laptop with a designated GPU. Many gamers I was playing with were complaining about lag and glitching in the game.


I have not experienced the game glitching problem personally the one issue that I spent hours trying to fix and just gave up is the key mapping issue. I don’t know why the keys can’t map right I tried every fix on GameLoops forums, Reddit, and YouTube. The key mappings are not right I managed to get around it by identifying the wrong mappings and making sure to use them but on a first-person shooter sometimes the workarounds end up getting you killed. I have even uninstalled and reinstalled it and still have the issue.

While this is annoying, I am not a ProGamer or compete in any tournaments so I just enjoyed my game and my Twitch audience got a kick out of it at times anyway. It’s important to note as well that GameLoop is optimized for certain games like PUBG I just happen to be playing COD which is a game that has issues with the mappings.


If you want an emulator that can play all the games you want to play on Android I would recommend GameLoop for your emulator they have the largest library and a big online community.

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