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Surface Laptop Studio Review

I finally have time to review the Surface Laptop Studio and while I have owned some Microsoft Surface hardware, I think this device really hits it out of the park for many people. Form Factor To start with the Surface Laptop Studio has three modes laptop mode which is the traditional laptop look and feels. […]

Surface Laptop 3 Review

I recently got a Surface Laptop 3 for review and I was very impressed with it, to say the least. I do think this is the best and most premium laptop on the windows side I have seen. I want to explain as well I got the business one with Intel, not the consumer AMD […]

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 Review

I recently purchased a Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 to replace the aging HP that I have been using to test and work on Windows 10. Microsoft has been pushing the Microsoft Surface brand for many years now and has become one of the top five computer manufacturers in the world by selling only premium Microsoft […]

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